Imperium Suite Navona is, since 2008, an incoming tourism landmark in the historic center of Rome. Structure of excellence, has always been popular with those who want to fully enjoy the city, discover the wonders of Rome, visit its monuments and the main points of interest, long walks through the streets of its acropolis and spend a pleasant and relaxing stay.

The name refers to its valuable feature of residence and also the proximity to Piazza Navona which is only few steps walking: just enough time to cross Piazza Sant’Apollinare, with its Basilica, and here opens to the famous view of the Fountain Neptune. And indeed, as always, staying at the Imperium Suite Navona, can enjoy in a privileged way of the square from which it takes its name, its atmosphere, its architecture and its monuments, street artists that animate and crossing of peoples, cultures and languages ​​that live there every day.

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Imperium Suite Navona

Imperium Suite Navona

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